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After years of debating about how to write a cook book I’ve finally come to terms that I’m not a linear cook. To me that means that recipes are not that important. What I’m concerned with is the techniques of how the ingredients combine together to form tasty and nutritional meals. Just like an artist would not paint the same painting over and over; in the same with this cook book I’m concerned with teaching you the little secrets that will allow you to improvise with your cooking just as if I was in your kitchen cooking with you. That sounds fun.

In my thirty years of community cooking I’ve learned to master some of the worlds vegetarian culinary traditions and so this book is organized by regions with their menus. But as I’m not very linear the recipes take a back seat to the techniques involved and are there for guidelines.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and the way they are presented.

Bon appetit,


I’m in the process of redoing my cooking pages, again! Every thing is always a work in progress and this is my latest attempt. I’m hoping it starts looking more and more like a cook book in the coming months. In January 2012 I’ll be doing a new series of cooking classes and I’m going to add that material to this already existing work. Also, I’ll be collecting the Artswells recipes and together they’ll form a body of about 100 recipes. keep checking as this part of my site improves in the next few months.

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Martin’s Cooking Secrets (recipes!)
Thai dinner
Spicy Squash Mango Soup
Thai Spring Rolls - Peanut Sauce - Potato Pancakes
Chocolate Coconut Pecan Tapioca Pudding
-Vegan Gluten Free-

Ravioli dinner
Butternut Ravioli - Sicilian Marinara Sauce 
‘Anti-Depressant’ Salad Dressing

Minestrone Soup
Sun-dried Tomato Dressing

Ghee, Tabouli & Pakoras
Quinoa Tabouli
Potato Cauliflower Tomato Spiced Curry
Cauliflower Pakoras & Saffron Rice
Ginger Tahini Dressing 

Western Dinner
Nut loaf - Veggie Burger - Lentil Soup
Sweet Potato Poutine - Millet Flour Gravy
Almond Orange Dressing
Sour Dough Starter
Nutty Crust Cheese Cake

Italian Dinner
Sicilian Marinara Sauce - Alfredo Sauce
- Gnocchi - Spinach Ravioli - Lasagna -
Sour Dough Focaccia Bread
Saffron Sweet Rice Pudding
Tomato Salad and Dressing

Mexican Dinner