“This raises a profound question about exactly what ‘happens’ when the astrologer interprets a horoscope to a client, for both the astrologer and the client inhabit, for that time, the “middle ground’ that unites the above and the below.

Every astrologer meets the ‘intermediate place’ of myth in every horoscope, for the astrological pattern seems to describe both character and destiny, as though they were the very same thing.

In the sense that I have equated myth with fate and character, the ‘story’ or ‘scheme’ is the bridge between the cherished idea of ‘potential’ and the concrete reality of those things we cannot change. The archaic theme of the daimon which is given at birth and shapes our lives from within offers dignity both to fate and individual choice, and permits the possibility of doing ‘gladly that which I must do!’

One must act on such openings which appear in the curtain that masks the inner world.”

From Liz Greene “the Astrology of Fate”

As an astrologer

and artist I intend

on being a guide on

your inner journey. The first session is an introduction to the natal chart and the archetypal pattern it reveals with its many doorways as revealed by the art of astrology and alchemy. I offer follow up readings and transit readings to help you navigate your own creative transition. I also offer a variety of readings with my Astrological Mandala Table; from relationship

                              and family harmony, to team

                              building and community

                              development, to holistic

                              business counseling and career

                              development. Check out all the

                              services I offer by following the Readings link.

It would be an honor to assist you on that journey of self discovery and help you resonate with your inner purpose. If you would like to schedule a session with me or would like to attend one of my workshop you can email me for more information.

I teach techniques of detachment and retraining of the ego to facilitate creative unfolding in changing times through the wisdom of astrology and the work of Julia Cameron’s Artist’s Way. As we navigate these times of intense change it is important that we be provided with tools to help us in our personal shift so that we can align ourselves with the greater movement towards a more sustainable and humane future. Change will only take place if each and every one of us makes that commitment. My work aims at assisting our community towards that shift.

In the alchemical journey of transformation knowing the star’s alignment can facilitate empowerment and creative unfolding. The astrologer simply seeks to translate this ancient language to confirm the individual’s journey. In ancient times the art of astrology combined astronomy and psychology as the heavens mirror our lives as much as we reflect the heavens.

The focus of my practice is to encourage the alignment of the seeker with his or her own inner core. Using the horoscope as the personal mandala of creative empowerment, personal unfolding, spiritual growth and realization. The eternal paradox between fate and free will is illuminated by the movement of the planets and

                                          their reflections in the passing of time. The lesson of the

                                          stars point to the lessons of the soul. Psyche refers to the

                                          soul and Astrology is how the stars mirror the soul. These

                                          energies are not static but they are dynamic. As explained in

                                          the Vedas, transcendental knowledge does not come from

                                          an external place but is awakened from within the heart.

                                          The fire of creativity resides in all of us as co-creators in a

                                          magical universe. That fire of creativity needs to be nurtured

                                          and guided into a blazing fire. I like to think of myself as

                                          your biggest fan.

                                          The privilege of the astrologer is to guide the seeker to a

                                          visit to the place in between where past, present, and future are one. Using the planetary archetypal gods and their cycles  for an indication of the sacred contract of the creative spirit that lies in each of us as our very source, our soul, our fate. Once the connection is ignited with that spark, a new sense of purpose, a vocation, a calling, becomes a reality as one enters the creative path.

The debate has been raging for centuries. We are free as long as we recognize the boundaries set for our existence by the laws of nature and realize our co-creative position in the unfolding universal plan. The ancient wisdom of astrology illuminates our journey by studying the positions of the stars at the time of any living being’s birth and points to its growth according to the planetary cycles. Do the stars move us or do we move the stars? Somehow they both reflect each other like mirrors and so as we contemplate the movements of the heavens we gain clues as to the movements in our lives.  As the Hermetic saying goes “As above so below”.

Astrology is therefore the study of the movements of the planets and there psychological influences on our psycho-physical nature. It is an art in as much as the creative talents of the astrologer are used to decipher the complex and magical intertwining of fate and free will. It is a science in as much as the practitioner follows an exact process to arrive at his conclusions. It is part counselling, part channelling and part prayer as we study the planetary cycles for insight into the full meaning of our existence. What secret contract have we agreed on and what is our mission in this world? The answers to these questions lead to creative empowerment and are the goal of the astrological reading.

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If creativity is a fire,

I’m your biggest fan.

Man’s fascination with the stars is as old as the world itself. That we’ve looked at the mystery of the night sky for answers to the existential dilemma of our existence is a testimony to the magical nature of the universe we live in.

Are we fated or are we free?

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